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Camp Raven CIT Application

Camp Raven Leadership In-Service & CIT Application

Volunteer Service Position Program for 8th grade and up

Camp Raven Leadership Training | Week 1, May 22-25 @ 8:30-3:00   $150.00
Alternate Leadership Training for those still in school | May 29-31 @ 3:30-5:30  $75.00
INSTRUCTORS: Fred Jones, Karli Pool, Kirsten Redmond
What makes a good leader? Why is service important? Campers will be challenged with obstacles or situations requiring the use of patience, understanding, trust, and honesty. Skill sets for making a good leader will be practiced through the Camp Raven environment. First Aid Certification and Food Handler Permits will be issued to attendees of the full week session. Young trailblazers must enroll and graduate from this Leadership Training to be considered for CIT positions in the summer.
Priority given to applications returned by April 6th
Leadership In-Service & CIT Application


    Medical/Health/Emergency Information

    Students not attending Riverfield during the school year complete and sign all 2 copies of the Emergency Cards. Riverfield students, be sure to read and update your Emergency Cards before Leadership Academy week.

    CITs & Cell Phones

    CITs must have cell phones turned off while at Riverfield and may not call or text unless with permission.


    See the job description for information regarding lunches.

    CIT Training 

    • This is an important volunteer position that may earn community service hours.
    • Participants should be interested in becoming future staff counselors at Camp Raven. CITs serving 4 or more years at Camp Raven will be eligible to become a paid CIT their senior year.
    • Because of the responsibility involved in being a CIT, volunteers are required to attend Leadership Training. An Alternate CIT Training is available for those still in school when the Week 1 CIT Training takes place. If you cannot attend either training session due to illness or school attendance, you must personally contact Kirsten Redmond at 918-894-0980 or to make special arrangements for training.
    • Training serves as a leadership development opportunity for students who desire to expand their abilities in communication, confidence, problem solving and safety. Students will learn how to effectively lead a group through a day of games, initiatives and teambuilding activities. Individuals will work to continuously improve their personal leadership qualities while bringing out the best in those around them.


    Parents are responsible for transportation to/from training session, during regular camp, and any overnight campouts or sleepovers that he/she signs up for during the summer. Students of driving age may drive to school, but must park on the back parking lot with the Riverfield faculty and may only leave campus with permission from Camp Director.