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Student Newspapers

Upper School Newspaper students are involved in all areas of production from editorial meetings to interviewing, writing, photography, and layout. "The Commons" is an award-winning biweekly production of the Upper School.  

The Commons

The publication created by and for the Upper School community of Riverfield! Enjoy!


2019-2020 Previous Issues

2018-2019 Archives


2019-2020 Commons Staff


Editor-in-Chief ... Brenden Paul
News Editors ... Andrew Jordan
Sports Editors ... Jon Morley, Jack Bluhm
Opinion Editor ... Shashwat Singh
A&E Editors ... Catie Doerr
Review Editors ... Mason Malloy
Features Editor ... Will Dozier
Design Editor ... Jake O'Shaughnessy
Columnists ... Ava Fritts, Jack Jones
Adviser ... Mrs. Patricia Dickey