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iNSPiRED Gatherings

What Is the Goal?
iNSPiRED Gatherings are a way to spread the word about the iNSPiRED Campaign, inspire financial support of the campaign, and strengthen our Riverfield community.


The Basic Idea Is Simple.

Get together with friends, family, and anyone who might be interested in education as you host a festive food and drink-related experience to raise awareness and funds for the iNSPiRED Campaign.


Hosting an iNSPiRED Gathering Is Easy.

The event can be whatever you make it. Some might choose an evening in the comfort of their home with just a few close friends; some may choose a larger, more structured event at a venue; some might want Riverfield employees to make a presentation; some may want only materials available. There is no wrong way to do it.


iNSPiRED Gatherings Are Flexible.

  • Events can occur anytime.
  • Event hosts can establish a set a donation amount to attend or simply ask for donations to the campaign.
  • Events can be simple or elaborate. Riverfield can assist in brainstorming with event hosts to find an interesting theme idea. 
  • Events can be private with hosts creating their invitation list, or they can be larger and open to a more public group.
  • A campaign representative will assist the host with presentation and materials related to the iNSPiRED Campaign.

All proceeds will benefit the iNSPiRED Campaign.


For more information or to sign up to host an iNSPiRED Gathering, please contact:
Tracy Emmons, Director of Major Gifts, or 918-794-8408
Laura Smolen, iNSPiRED Campaign Chair