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Mission and Philosophy

Mission Statement:
The mission of Riverfield Country Day School is to provide an excellent education in a family-oriented atmosphere. Students are motivated and encouraged to learn, develop, and mature in a respectful, secure, and diverse environment. A caring, creative faculty and a challenging, integrated, and personalized curriculum promote the development of the whole student as a confident and responsible learner prepared for success today and tomorrow.


The school’s philosophy is to provide a student-centered approach to education with an innovative program of authentic, experiential learning in which individuality is valued and the needs of the whole child are honored. In the Pre-School and Lower School, interdisciplinary curriculum combined with adaptive learning environments encourage each student to grow and develop with teacher support in multi-age classrooms. In the Middle and Upper Schools, interdisciplinary projects foster the same growth.

This philosophy’s primary focus is to make success a habit. As self-confidence is built and a student’s potential is maximized, a positive self-concept is developed. A mastery of fundamental skills serves as a foundation for life-long learning. Beyond mastering facts, students are encouraged to be strong readers, problem-solvers, and independent critical thinkers.

The school’s philosophy and its teachers are not bound by a single theory. The Pre-School and Lower School are Reggio–inspired and the student-centered approach continues as students progress through each Division. Teachers continually use many of today’s best practices in education including, but not limited to, active learning, collaborative activities, and differentiated instruction.