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Centers of Excellence

During the 2013-14 school year, Riverfield initiated a concept called Centers of Excellence.  As students approach their teen years, many have already found great passion in particular areas. As a result, young people are specializing at a young age and many times focus on their area of interest at the expense of their education. Home schooling and online schooling are often utilized in these cases.  Our Centers of Excellence offer an effective alternative for those students interested in balancing academics with their particular concentration. 

Because athletics is not a period during the school day in Riverfield’s 6th-12th grades, our schedule has blocks of open time.  Students following the Centers of Excellence course planning have the flexibility to spend time in whatever area they choose. Examples in the past have been equestrian training, flight training, tennis training, and concurrent classes at Tulsa Community College.  Generally, this course structure is utilized by Upper School students, though, in some cases, Middle School students may be able to adjust their schedule as well. 

Riverfield is also working on Centers of Excellence programs in music, theater, and other arts options.  Other programs may be designed on a student’s particular area of interest.  For more information on Riverfield’s Centers of Excellence, email Upper School Head Jason Bogle.