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Admission Process

Pre-School (Infants-5s)

The main Pre-School enrollment phase occurs in the spring when enrollment is processed for summer and the upcoming school year.  After re-enrollment by current Riverfield families, available spaces for the summer and school year are filled from the waiting list.  Infants must be born by September 1st and be at least 8 weeks of age before beginning at Riverfield during the school year.  Enrollment for the school year is mid-August through mid-May.  Summer enrollment is from mid-May through mid-August.  Occasionally, spaces become available during the school year.  Such spaces will first be filled from the waiting list.

Waiting List Procedure:
Take an initial tour of Riverfield on a regular Open House day or schedule a time at your convenience.
  • Submit a Waiting List Application with $50 fee.  The fee is non-refundable but will be applied to the $200 registration fee when a space becomes available. 
  • Contact the Admissions Office with any change in the information listed on the Waiting List Application.

The Admissions Office will contact you when a space is available.  You are welcome to contact the Admissions Office to check on your child’s status at any time. 

Kindergarten-12th Grade 

Admission is based on a combination of criteria such as the student’s educational history, personal interview and a shadow visit during a regular school day.  We also rely on our intuition that the individual is genuinely motivated to succeed and will benefit from the Riverfield experience.  No one factor is more important than another.  Our main concern is success for each student.

K-12 Admission Procedures:
Take an initial tour of Riverfield (contact our Admissions Office to schedule a private tour).
Submit to Riverfield completed Application for Admission and Records Release.
  • Kindergarten – 5th grade applicants: Obtain a Teacher Observation Form from Riverfield’s Admissions Office.  The form needs to be signed by the parent, then completed and sent to Riverfield by the teacher.
  • 6th-12th grade applicants: Obtain the Teacher Observation Forms from Riverfield’s Admissions Office. The forms need to be signed by the parent, completed by the student’s English teacher and math teacher, and then sent to Riverfield by the teachers.
  • Arrange a family interview with admissions personnel and/or appropriate Division Head.  This can often be done in conjunction with the tour, or on student's shadow day.
  • Schedule and complete a student shadow visit during the regular school day.
  • Riverfield may request that a placement test be taken for further information.

Admissions decisions are made in March with late admissions per availability.  Accepted applicants for whom there are no openings are placed on a waiting list. 

For questions, or to schedule your personal tour, email Director of Admissions Kacey Davenport, or call 918.446.3553.