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Academic Bowl

Upper School Academic Bowl

Riverfield's Upper School Academic Bowl team is led by coaches Christopher Day and Jeffery Donaldson. We have been competing since 2011 and have won three 3rd place State tournament titles, and one 4th place finish, as well as numerous 1st place championship titles at Area and Regional tournaments.  We have also competed in platforms outside of the official Oklahoma school association, among them the RSU televised quiz show, I Want Answers!, and the Academic Elite Conference, each of which has given us 1st place champion titles, as well as runners-up.

Our OSSAA competitive schedule begins every year in October and ends in February, during which we play four tournament dates outside of school hours, one time each month save December.

For more information, please contact Coach Christopher Day.

Come be a part of our success!

OSSAA State Tournament History

2017-18: OSSAA 2nd at Regionals, 2nd at Area, and 3rd at State
2017-18: I Want Answers!: Champions
2017-18: AEC (Academic Elite Conference) Champions
2017-18: NAQT: Qualified for Nationals
2016-17: OSSAA Area Champion, Regional Champion; AEC 2nd place
2015-16: OSSAA State 3rd place, Area Champion, Regional Champion
2014-15: OSSAA State 4th place, Area Champion, Regional Champion; AEC: 2nd place
2013-14: OSSAA Area Runner-Up, Regional Champion; IWA! 2nd place
2012-13: OSSAA State 3rd place, Area Runner-Up, Regional Champion
2011-12: OSSAA Regional Champion



Middle School Academic Bowl

We have won 13 State Championships since we started playing in 2001.  We have won two championships in a season twice. OJABA is open to 5th-9th graders in any school in Oklahoma, public or private.  The classifications are roughly according to the OSSAA system of Class 6A down to B; however, we have been bumped up in classification twice due to our dominance. 

For more information, please contact Coach Tom Clark

OJABA State Tournament History
2020-21 5/6th(A)-1st, (B)-2nd **others haven't played yet
2019-20 5/6th(A)-2nd, 6/7th(B)-1st, 8/9-1st  
2018-19 5/6th(A)-4th, 5/6th(B)- 3rd, 6/7th(B)-1st, 8/9-2nd 
2017-18 5/6th(B)-2nd, 8/9-2nd 
2016-17 6/7th-1st, 7/8th-1st, 8/9-1st 
2015-16 5th/6th(B)-1st, 6th/7th(B)-1st, 8th/9th-1st
2014-15 5th/6th-1st, 6th/7th(B)-1st, 7th/8th-4th, 8th/9th-2nd
2013-14 6th/7th-1st, 8th/9th-4th
2012-13 8th/9th-4th
2011-12 8th/9th -1st
2010-11 7th/8th-4rd, 8th/9th-2nd
2009-10 (Class C) 5th/6th-3rd, 8th/9th-2nd
2008-09 (Class C) 5th/6th-1st, 6th/7th -2nd, 8th/9th-2nd
2007-08 (Class C) 5th/6th-2nd, 6th/7th -2nd, 7th/8th-3rd,
2006-07 (3A/4A) 5th/6th-2nd, 6th/7th-3rd
2005-06 (3A/4A) 6th/7th-1st, 8th/9th-4th
2004-05 (2A/3A) 6th/7th-3rd, 7th/8th-1st, 8th/9th-1st
2003-04 (2A/3A) 6th/7th-1st, 7th/8th-3rd
2002-03 (2A/3A) 6th/7th-3rd
2001-02 (B/A) 7th/8th-3rd

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