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Riverfield Recycling


Families that drop off their recycling at Riverfield help us pay for science equipment and class pet/animal care supplies.

Each week, the 4th-6th grade Science and Service class students help coordinate and participate in Raven Recycling on campus.  Riverfield partners with Mr. Murph to recycle our mixed paper, plastic, and cardboard.  There are two Mr. Murph bins on campus - next to the Rogers Building and in the back parking lot of the Main Buidling.  RCDS receives approximately $40 each month from Mr. Murph for those recycled items.  We get a better profit by taking aluminum to Green Star/Waste Managment to be recycled, so please separate and smash your aluminum and place it in the Recycle Hut in the back parking lot of the Main Building. 


PAPER: All kinds (please bag shredded paper)

CARDBOARD: Corrugated, Non-corrugated


            #1 pet (mostly clear bottles)

            #2 hdpe (mostly opaque bottles)

            #4 hdpe (mostly stretch wrap, shrink film, and plastic bags)

            #6 polystyrene (styrofoam)









Mr. Murph







Waste Management, Inc.