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Martha S. Clark Legacy Society

To recognize individuals and couples who have made Riverfield part of their estate plans, the Board of Trustees established the Martha S. Clark Legacy Society as one way to permanently recognize Mrs. Clark and all that she has done for Riverfield.
Riverfield is a participant in the Tulsa Community Foundation Planned Giving Partnership. Through this relationship, RCDS community members have access to seminars and free estate planning consultation services. Contact Patti Grice, Director of Giving if you are interested in finding out more.
What is Planned Giving and how does it affect me and Riverfield?
Planned Giving is about the loving transfer of your assets in a way that represents who you are, your values, and your passion. It helps you to not only take care of your family, but also to leave a legacy of philanthropy.
There are a number of giving strategies that can make your legacy come to life and allow you to continue your support of the charitable causes that have impacted you the most - which we hope includeds Riverfield.
Here are some of the planning tools that you could use that could provide tax benefits to you or your estate while distributing your assets in a wise and generous manner.


Planning Tool

What Is It?

Your Benefits


A legal document outlining how you want your assets distributed when you die

  • Selects guardians for your children.
  • Directs assets to beneficiaries

Revocable Living Trust

A trust that holds property for your benefit and then avoids probate at your death
  • Avoid probate and guardianship for disability
  • Directs assets to beneficiaries
  • Provides for disabled children and estate tax savings
  • Controls timing and amount of distribution to beneficiaries

Charitable Gift Annuity

A contract in which a charity pays you income payments based upon your age and the amount of your gift
  • Increases current income
  • Creates income tax deduction
  • Avoids capital gains tax

Charitable Remainder Trust

A trust that pays you income before charity received the remainder
  • Increase current income
  • Creates income tax deduction
  • Avoids capital gains tax
  • Eliminates income tax on retirement plans at death

Charitable Lead Trust

A trust that pays charity an income before you or your heirs receive the remainder
  • Creates income tax deduction
  • Eliminated federal income tax
Life Estate  A gift of real estate that allows you to keep the rights of ownership: the property is distributed to charity at your death. 
  • Creates income tax deduction
  • Eliminates capital gains tax
  • Eliminates estate tax
  • Tailors gifts to charity’s current needs


Contact Patti Grice, Director of Giving, 918.446.3553, for more information or to make your tax-deductible donation today.