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Message from College Counselor

Melissa Bogle


At Riverfield, we believe that the college search and selection process is an educational process and the natural culmination of a student's years at Riverfield. We believe, too, that it is the student's journey to undertake and lead.  Our goal is for the college process to focus on the individual by encouraging realistic decision-making along with self-reflection and self-direction. Throughout the process, we emphasize the “whole student” as college decisions are made.   Ultimately, each college applied to should meet the student’s own definition of “The Right Fit”.
Although college applications are not completed until the summer before their senior year, it is necessary for families to be aware of the steps that precede applying to college. A proactive and thoughtful approach will ensure a successful journey.  Self-discovery, determining personal strengths and weaknesses, goal setting, overcoming personal challenges and, finally, honing decision-making skills all contribute to the successful completion of Upper School and signify an important step toward adulthood.

Mindful of the developmental process of adolescents, our Counseling Department has created a comprehensive program to assist the personal growth and development of students as they move through their Upper School experience in grades 9–12.  We begin meeting with students at least once a week their freshman year and continue this throughout their senior year.  Our students, parents, and faculty are all appreciative of our 1:15 counselor/student ratio.  In addition to our work with each student, we offer a series of educational events for students and families to attend at Riverfield.  Programs such as the College Connection workshops, Financial Aid workshops, and over 30 school-scheduled college visits to RCDS last school year are just a few examples. 
As students embark on this very important journey, finding a good fit doesn’t mean there is only one right school for each student; there are likely a dozen or more good fits out there for every student.  Each student must acknowledge and accept what makes him/her unique, what he/she needs inside and outside the classroom, as well as what resources are available to select the right college or university. Promoting the development of the whole student as a confident and responsible learner and pre­paring them for real world success is our goal at Riverfield. For more information about College Counseling, feel free to review the documents to the right or email


Melissa Bogle

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