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Message From Lower School Division Head

Katie Musick


As an educator and a parent, I can speak to the supportive and welcoming tone intentionally fostered at Riverfield. Our small class size and attention to social emotional development provide a strong foundation for children to reach their highest potential in all areas of development.  Students are expected to work independently and collaboratively, to build their own knowledge, and cultivate the ability to think critically and problem solve with others. We place great emphasis on developing effective oral and written communication and a deep understanding of the processes and content involved in developing math skills. We recognize the learning that takes place when reflection and articulation of ideas are an important part of a student’s day.
Teachers have systematic ongoing professional development that helps to maintain the highest levels of knowledge, engagement, and excitement in the learning taking place at our school.  The same initiative, flexibility, curiosity, and imagination nurtured in children are also encouraged in educators at Riverfield. Teachers, children, and families work together to recognize each child’s challenges and areas of excellence. The community works as a team to be sure the student’s needs are met and that they are not just growing but thriving.