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Upper School

Upper School

Welcome to the Upper School, where you'll find our athletes playing music, our scholars participating in athletics, our musicians baking pies, and everyone having fun in a supportive, caring environment! I'm so excited to be a part of a community that works hard to achieve a balance between work and play.

The Upper School at Riverfield continues the project-based learning modeled in the Pre-School, Lower, and Middle Schools. Students engage in a Design Lab, where the ways of thinking learned in separate disciplines merge as students solve problems that exist in the real world. The Upper School is a place where students engage in the skills required of creative, critical thinkers who are prepared not only for the new types of education required at colleges and universities but also for the challenges of the 21st-century workplace.

The teachers in the Upper School are talented educators who model critical thinking and intellectual engagement. Additionally, because of the small class size, teachers are able to provide students with academic support including individual meetings outside of class. Our faculty understands that deeper learning happens when students feel connected to their teachers, so teachers often become mentors for students during their time in Upper School and beyond. We believe it is our responsibility to not only prepare them for academic and intellectual challenges they'll face after high school but to also equip them with empathetic and analytical skills they'll need to navigate the difficult decisions they might face in their lives.

The Upper School is a warm, supportive, and rigorous environment where teenagers are seen, heard, and supported. If you'd like to visit the Upper School and see if it's the right fit for your child, please contact Kacey Davenport at