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Riverfield produces a number of publications created by our faculty, staff, and students. The most recent editions of many of these are available for viewing in PDF format below.

  • The Monday Memo is published weekly during the school year to inform families of campus news and events. 
  • The Commons is the Upper School newspaper and is printed approximately every two weeks. 
  • The BLUEprint magazine is distributed twice a year and highlights each semester’s activities and accomplishments.
  • The GROVE is your resource for Riverfield giving news.  Published as a monthly e-newsletter, each edition is designed to keep you updated and plugged into the Riverfield culture of philanthropy.
  • The Annual Report is published by the Institutional Advancement Office each summer.
  • Riverfield also uses a number of social media outlets to connect to the community.       

Students in Middle and Upper School create the school-wide yearbook that is distributed each spring.  

Additionally, an anthology of classroom accomplishments or a summary of curriculum/community news is published by Divisions, Wings, or classrooms.