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Riverfield Recycling

Families that drop off their recycling at Riverfield help us pay for science equipment, class pet, and barnyard animal supplies.  Riverfield science and service students help coordinate and participate in raven recycling on campus. 

Aluminum Cans

We receive a significant profit for recycling aluminum cans through Sims Metal Management, so please smash the aluminum cans and place them in one of the Recycle Huts located in the Upper School parking lot or the back parking lot of the Main Building. Cans can be dropped off at any time or on the first Friday of each month. 

Other Recyclables

Riverfield partners with Mr. Murph to recycle several things. There are two Mr. Murph bins on campus - in the Upper School parking lot and in the back parking lot of the Main Building. 

PAPER: All kinds except shredded paper

CARDBOARD: Corrugated and non-corrugated (please break down boxes)


           #1 PET (mostly transparent bottles, ie. soda and energy drink bottles)

           #2 HDPE (mostly opaque bottles, ie. milk bottles and laundry or cleaning supply bottles)

Mr. Murph cannot accept these items: Styrofoam, packing plastics such as bubble wrap, air pillows, shrink wrap, plastic straps and ropes, plastic grocery bags, scrap metal, glass, food service aluminum pans, and foil.